"Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Applied Mathematics. Computer Science. Control Processes" is committed to following the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

Responsibilities of Editors and Reviewers:
The editors have the responsibility to guarantee the correspondence of the article to the aims and scopes of the journal. The editors have to choose carefully the reviewers for the article with an adequate scientific experience level regarding the article topic and to assure the greatest transparency towards the authors during the evaluation process of the article. The reviewers should treat the papers honestly, confidentially and should not use the results of the papers in any unethical way.

Responsibilities of Authors:
The authors should guarantee that the paper has not been published anywhere and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The authors have the responsibilities to follow the journal guidelines and to cite all works of other authors used in the paper. The authors are responsible for the correct presentation of the article and its contents. If number of authors is bigger than one, a corresponding author should beеn nominated.

Ethical violations:
"Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Applied Mathematics. Computer Science. Control Processes" will immediately reject papers, which have the following ethical violations:
- Data fabrication and falsification
- Plagiarism and Self-plagiarism
- Citation manipulation
- Undisclosed conflicts of interest

Conflict of Interest:
A conflict of interest exists when judgement regarding the research is influenced by factors such as financial gain or personal relationships. All authors are required to disclose any financial, personal or other associations that may influence or be perceived to influence their work.

Corrections of errors, etc.:
When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his/her own published work, it is the author’s obligation to notify the publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or correct the paper.

Retraction of a paper is applied in the following cases:
- The paper has ethical violations (plagiarism, data fabrication, falsification, simultaneous submissions, duplicate publications, etc.)
- The paper contains errors, which could not be corrected in a subsequent erratum notice.