St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies

Manuscript Submission Guidelines of St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies

I. Submitted manuscripts should comply with the following requirements and conditions:

1. All publications in the journal are free of charge. The submitted manuscript should be written in Russian or in English. If the article is written in Russian, the abstract and keywords should be both in Russian and in English. The title page should contain the UDC number, the full name of the author(s), and the title of the article.

2. The manuscript should be of a standard journal article length (between 7,000 and 10,000 words) and should be accompanied by an abstract (100Ц200 words) and key words (10 words or phrases). The abstract should include the following information in concise form:
a) subject and aim (objectives), hypotheses; b) method (methodology);
c) results (conclusions) and their theoretical or/and practical significance;
d) sphere of application for results obtained.

3. Information about the author(s) at the end of the article should include: full name, educational degree and experience (post-graduate, PhD, Doctor of Science, etc.; current academic standing or title; sample of relevant publications and grants received); current job/employment; scholarly interests; contact details (telephone numbers, e-mail address). The author should also state his (her) h-index (Scopus or WoS), Researcher ID and SPIN codes.
To indicate that you have complied with our ethics for publishing, please include the following statement: УThe article (title, author(s)) is original, has never been published before and is not concurrently under review at any other journal(s) or publisher(s). The author has checked the manuscript for improper or inaccurate citation (plagiarism). The author consents to publication of the paper in the journal (including electronically)Ф.
When preparing the manuscript for submission, the author may find it useful to consult articles published earlier, which are available at The manuscript should be submitted as a separate Word or RTF file saved on an electronic storage device, or sent by e-mail. If sent by e-mail, the authors are strongly recommended to use the ZIP format.

II. Requirements to the content and structure of the manuscript

1. The submitted manuscript should be original and not published earlier in any other journal(s) or book(s). The article should provide new knowledge in relation to the available scholarly literature on the subject (except for textbooks or reference materials). It should clearly demonstrate the authorТs substantive knowledge of the work of relevant scholars in the field, including those earlier published in the St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies. Preference is given to the articles of (a) scientific and (b) analytical character.

2. The authors should use the following formal structure for their paper:
Х Introduction (stating the problem, identifying its importance in contemporary Russian and international economic theory and practice).
Х Main part of the article (original research, including a review of existing work on this subject, historical overview, evolution of approaches within the field, substantiation of methods, primary empirical data, qualitative and (or) quantitative modeling, secondary data, etc.). It is recommended to use a clear structure and to divide the main body into sections with headings and subheadings or to use numbered sections.
Х Conclusions: discussion and implications, presentation of results and findings corresponding to the goals and aims set forth in the introduction, sphere of application, limitations or directions for future research.
Х Acknowledgments (if applicable)
Х References: References should be in the form of bibliographical entries in alphabetical order, unnumbered. They should include only those publications referred to in the article. References should demonstrate authorТs awareness of current research and include current publications both in Russia and abroad. The list of references should consist of no less than 15 sources, 30% of which must be foreign publications. Self-citing should not be more than 15%.
References should be provided in the following order: Russian; Foreign. References to Internet resources (except copyrighted articles and monographs), legal documents (decisions, laws, regulations on the activity of legal institutions/persons and individuals) and archives should be made in the text of the publication in the form of footnotes.
References inside the text should have square brackets: [Ivanov, 1995]. If in process of direct citation of a specific phrase/statement, formula, or theorem, the relevant page number from the original source should be used: [Ivanov, 1995, p. 23]. If more than one publication by a certain author, published in the same year, is cited in the text, then letteres should be added after the year of publication in the citation and the bibliography: [Ivanov, 1995a, p. 23].
All Russian sources should be first transliterated using Latin letters in round brackets after the name of the source in Russian, and then followed by the translation in English.

3. Authors who wish to include mathematics shall do so only when it does not take the place of real analysis. In such cases, mathematical formulae and derivations used should be made intelligible to a non-mathematical reader. The mathematical part of the argument should be included in an appendix.

4. Page layout:
Х The printing fields 25 mm;
Х Font size 12;
Х Page numbers provided;
Х Correct shape and positioning of pictures, tables and formulas;
Х No color pictures;
Х All explanations and comments should be made in footnotes on the relevant pages.

III. Reviewing procedure

1. All manuscripts (scientific articles, bibliographic and dissertation reviews, etc.) submitted for publication in the Journal are subject to a three-stage quality control procedure:
a) formal review;
b) preliminary review;
c) substantial review (anonymous).
More detailed information about reviewing procedure is provided in the section УProvisions for reviewing manuscripts submitted for publishing in the St Petersburg University Journal of Economic Studies.Ф

2. All reviewersТ remarks are forwarded to the author for consideration. The author shall respond to these comments point by point and present both the reviewed version of the article and a list of responses.

3. Decisions regarding acceptance (stating the date of issue)/rejection/return for the revision are taken by the chief editor following discussion of the current edition of the journal at the editorial board meeting and communicated to the author no later than 60 days after receipt of the manuscript.