1. Submissions Principles

1.1. Manuscripts submitted for publication must be original and previously unpublished and conform the direction УArtsФ. The recommended size of a submission is between 40,000-60,000 characters, including spaces. The decision to accept or reject a submission is taken by the editorial board of the series after a process of review and discussion.
1.2. The submission will be refereed in accordance with our Referee and Review Policy.
1.3. No fee is charged for manuscript submissions.

2. Manuscript Guidelines

2.1. The main elements of a paper must include:
Х a UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) index, which should reflect in detail the research area (see:;
Х complete names of the author and co-authors with full information in Russian and English;
Х the title of article in English;
Х the article;
Х an abstract and keywords in English (the volume of the abstract should be about 200 words and must not exceed 250 words; the volume of keyword should be about 8 words and must not exceed 10 words). See: Appendix 1;
Х references (references provided in oriental languages should be submitted also in Roman alphabet). See: Appendix 2.

2.2. Text formatting:
Х the manuscript should be prepared in an A4 paper size (210x297mm) and in a 1.5-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font;
Х margin sizes must be: right = 25 mm, left = 25 mm, top = 25 mm, bottom = 25 mm. Emphasis are marked by italic, bold italic, bold line. Underlined text is not preferred;
Х all manuscripts are accepted only in the Rich Text Format (.rtf);
Х the practice of correcting, adding, and in any way altering a manuscript after submission without the knowledge and consent of the editorial staff is unacceptable;
Х all pages must be numbered on the right side of the page header;
Х running titles are not accepted and will be removed.

2.3. Figures:
Х figures should have titles and legends if necessary;
Х all figures must be referred to in the text of the article;
Х the word УFigureФ and its serial number, the title and legends must be organized directly under the figure;
Х figures must be numerated in Arabic numerals. If a submission has only one figure, it need not be numerated;
Х drawings, graphs, charts and diagrams should be made in accordance with standards of the Unified System for Design Documentation (USDD).
Figures should be presented by separate graphic images;
Х figures should be prepared with adequate resolution (300 dpi minimum) and in one of the following formats: JPG or TIF with a RGB / gray scale (100x100 mm minimum). Dashed figures (drawings, graphs, charts, diagrams) should be submitted in a black-and-white AI, EPS or CDR format;
Х legends in figures should be 9-point Times New Roman or Symbol. Greek symbols should be in plain text, Roman symbols should be in italics.

2.4. Tables
Х tables must be titled in a manner that sufficiently describes their contents and include a detailed legend immediately following the title;
Х each column in a table should have a heading;
Х the table should be placed directly after the paragraph which refers to it;
Х tables with a large number of rows may jump to the subsequent page;
Х column titles are recorded in parallel rows in the table according to convention. If necessary, they can be located perpendicularly to the column titles;
Х the text format in tables should be 9-point Times New Roman or Symbol. Greek symbols should be in plain text and Roman in italics;
Х tables are not required to be submitted in separate documents.

2.5. Footnotes, links and references
Х footnotes are located at the bottom of the page. The numeration is sequential throughout the text, by order of mention.
The text should be presented as: Perotti suggests that in all these examples γλαυκοσ means УbrilliantФ and refers not only to the leaves, but also the fruits of the olive tree.
Х references are linked to the bibliography by an inline citation which consists of the number of the item in the bibliography placed in square brackets after the item cited. If the link leads to a specific page or pages of the citation, the number of the source in the bibliography and the page or pages of the source should be indicated. They are separated by commas:
The text should be presented as: He then used this as a pretext for progressive development Сfor the reduction of poverty among the peasantryТ [10] or [10, p.81].
Х the bibliography is to be placed after the text of the manuscript (Chicago 17th edition. See: Each item is to be numbered according to its first mention in the text. A bibliography should contain at least 20 sources.
N. B. Archival sources and musical editions are not included in References, but they are presented as a separate list. Each item (including footnotes) is to be numbered according to its first mention in the text. Roman numerals.
References and citations to literature in Arabic, Chinese and other languages not employing Cyrillic or Roman writing systems should be presented in Roman transliteration. Citations that use Roman script marked with diacritics should employ standard use Unicode encoding.

2.6. Manuscript submission format
Materials should be sent to the e-mail:
2.6.1. The text of the manuscript. The file title is the name of the first author + "Art". For example, "Ivanov Art"
2.6.2. The abstract and keywords should be submitted in Russian and English. File title is the name of the first author + "Abs".
For example, "Ivanov Abs"
2.6.3. Figures. One file for each figure in JPG, TIF (for gray scale images) or AI, FH *, CDR, EPS (for vector images) formats. The file title is the name of the first author + УFigФ. For example, "Ivanov Fig.1", "Ivanov Fig.2", etc.
2.6.4. Fonts should be enclosed to the manuscript too.
2.6.5. AuthorТs information also should be submitted in a single file. File title is the name of the first author + "Inf." For example, "Ivanov Inf".