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Vestnik of St. Petersburg State University is journal of science and theory drawing together the results of researchers as well as informing the scientific community of developments in research and theory at St. Petersburg State University. Active discussions of the engaging issues in science and the humanities as well as of the general academic and research process are covered in its pages.
Along with original articles and critical reviews, this publication also provides a systematic account of the scientific vibrancy of the university. It acquaints readers with various aspects of the university’s history and the life and times of its renowned researchers.
A special section is devoted to reviewing current research work. The reader can receive the very latest information regarding new scientific publications.
Vestnik of St. Petersburg State University engages with the central, principal, and current issues of science and the humanities. Vestnik is open to collaboration with Russian as well as foreign researchers, scientific cooperatives as well as academic and research institutions.
Series 8 of Vestnik of St. Petersburg State University can be found in the listing of the principal peer-reviewed research journals and publications which, as recommended by the expert advisory council of VAK (the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Education and Science), may be employed in the defence of doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations under the specialties: 08.00.05, Economics and Management of the National Economy; 05.02.22, Production Management (in Economics).
The journal Vestnik Series 8, Management publishes articles related to modern problems of management, the translation of classic works in the theory of management, case studies, materials for the assessment of economic sector and market projections, reviews of recently released textbooks and monographs, information relating to tendencies and problems in the development of business education in Russia and abroad.

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