Series 11


Issue 1, 2014

Contents Page
Fundamental science and clinical medicine
1 Biological activity and molecular-cellular mechanisms of action of human and animal antimicrobial peptides
Artamonov A. Yu., Rybakina E. G., Orlov D. S., Korneva E. A.
Internal Medicine
2 Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia. A review. Proceeding I
Veleslavova O. E., Gordeeva M. V., Zheleznyak I. S., Rud S. D., Tsypkina L. A., Shubik Y. V.
3 Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia, approaches to diagnosis. Proceeding II.
Gordeeva M. V., Mitrofanova L. B., Veleslavova O. E., Mitrofanov N. A., Lavrentyuk P. G., Shubik Yu. V.
4 Antiplatelet therapy for prevention and treatment of coronary atherothrombosis. A review
Mikhailova I. E.
5 The relationship between the quantitative characteristics and functional properties of lipoproteins in atherogenesis. A review
GurevichV. S., Urazgildeeva S. A., Butkhashvili M. I., Vasina L. V.
6 The place of ?-adrenoblockers in pharmacotherapy of arterial hypertension. A review.
Perepech N. B., Shurygina V. D.
7 Morphological and functional characteristics of heart in young and middle aged men suffering from recurrent myocardial infarction
Yakovlev V. A., Gordienko A. V., Yakovlev V. V., Sotnikov A. V.
8 The dynamics of thyroid hormones in women with skin patology
Panova V. V., Pastushenkov V. L.
Neurology. Psychiatry. Narcology
9 Cardioembolic stroke: etiology, pathogenesis, risk factors for hemorrhagic transformation
Tibekina L. M., Dorofeeva M. S., Scherbuk Yu. A.
10 Pathological hand reflexes: identification frequency, the clinical importance, correlation with pathological plantar reflexes and axial reflexes
Litvinenko E. V.
11 Lipids of blood, obesity and level of complications hypertension disease in dependent of psychosomatic status and treatments
Usenko G. A., Usenko A. G., Vasendin D. V., Nischeta O. V., Mashkov S. V., Velichko N. P., Kosyreva T. Yu.
12 Indicators of the existence anxiety in patients with adjustment disorder macrosocial genesis
Potapov O. V., Ulyanov I. G.
Infectious diseases. Epi demiology
13 Changes of proliferation of cervical epithelium at defeat of Human papilloma viruses
Ershov V. A., Chirsky V. S., Vyazovaya A. A., Narvskaya O. V.
14 Immunological aspects of the course of Pirogov—Waldeyer’s tonsillar ring disorders in children carrying EBV infection
Bakholdin A. A., Janоv Y. K., Demyanov A. V., Tsurikova G. P., Mironenko A. N., Detkov V. Y., Alekseenko S. I., Matrenina A. N., Timchuk L. I., Blokhina E. A.
15 On the factors for periprocedure myocardial injury
Vorobyova A. V., Bondarenko B. B., Bart V. A., Dorofeykov V. V., Mashek O. N., Esipovich I. D., Zverev D. A., Kuleshova E. V
16 Modern approaches of surgical treatment of the patients with cancer of distal part of the rectum
Aghavelyan M. A.
17 Low-invasive surgery of the stress urinary incontinence at women: 5-years experience of use of the prosthesis
Shkarupa D. D., Kubin N. D.
18 Characteristics of endovideosurgical radical prostatectomy using extraperitoneal approach: analysis of 70 cases
Popov S. V., Gorelov A. I., Borisenkov M. B., Orlov I. N., Vyazovtsev P. V.
Ob stetric & Ginecology
19 Surgical treatment of pelvic prolapse — 2-year experience of application of synthetic mesh endoprostheses of extra light design
Kubin N. D., Shkarupa D. D.
Clinical cases
20 Rhabdomyolysis developed at HIV-infected patient during long-term effective antiretroviral therapy
Yakovlev A. A., Musatov V. B., Kostritckaia S. S.
21 “Cutout” effect as a reason of complications in surgical treatment of proximal hip fractures with PFNa implant
Malko A. V., Savintsev A. M.
Experimental medicine
22 Investigation of molecular mechanisms regulating skeletal muscle fiber phenotype is an theoretical approach of myopathy treatment
Zyryanova T. Y.
Health management
23 The model and the principles of medical care to victims of burn injuries
Shapovalov S. G., Rogalev K. K.
Problems of medical education
24 Preparing the specialists in the field of psychiatry: problems and prospects
Petrova N. N.c
History of Medicine
25 On the Occassion of centenary of foundation the all-Russian motherhood and infancy charity
Mikirtichan G. L.
26 Devotion morphology. On the anniversary of I. V. G aivoronsky 275-277