Series 7

Issue 4, 2015

Contents Page
1 New dates on bio- and magnetostratigraphy of upper berriasian section Zavodskaya balka (Eastern Crimea, Feodosiya)
Arkadiev V. V., Guzhikov A. Yu., Savelieva J. N., Feodorova A. A., Shurekova O. V., Bagaeva M. I., Grishchenko V. A., Manikin A. G.
2 Surface textures of sand grains from quartz arenite stratotype sections of Sablinka Formation (Cambrian, Series 3; Saint Petersburg Vicinity, Northwest Russia): The key to understanding of continental processes at the Guzhangian Furongian Boundary
Fedorov P. V., Palkina A. I.
3 Nannofossil biostratigraphy and facies of the lower eocene deposits of the southwestern part of the Crimea (Balta-Chokrak section)
Bugrova I. Yu., Tabachnikova I. P.
4 clay-rich sediments of caves
Matrenichev V. A., Klimova E. V.
5 Copper-nickel and noble metals mineralization in olivine websterite from the Kamchatsky mys peninsular (Kamchatka)
Novakov R. M., Ivanov V. V., Trukhin Yu. P., Panova E. G.
6 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the bottom sediments of rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg
Opekunov A. Yu., Mitrofanova E. S., Sanni S., Kommedal R., Opekunova M. G., Bagi A.
7 The role of the natural and engineered barriers in the disposal of radioactive waste
Izotova A. V., Belozerskiy G. N., Savonenkov V. G., Shabalev S. I.
8 Geographical approach to place brend creation and turist areas planning
Isachenko T. E., Postnikova E. A.
9 Ecological and economical damage caused by disturbance of land
Garmanov V. V., Bogdanov V. L., Ryabov Yu. V., Badenko V. L., Zagorskii M. Yu.
10 Estimation of climatic comfort of coastal territory on the example of city of Tuapse
Andreev S. S., Popova E. S.