Series 11

Issue 4, 2015

Contents Pages
1 Underlying pathogenic mechanisms and treatment strategies for lower myocardial infarction and AV-conduction disturbances
Lukyanova I. Yu., Shishkin A. N., Sokolov Yu. V., Katasonov S. P.
2 The results of experimental study of the reaction of the peritoneum to mesh prostheses
Chistyakov D. B., Movchan K. N., Yaschnko A. S.
3 Place of thoracoscopy for medical care to patients with pleural effision syndrome
Zaitsev D. A., Movchan K. N., Lishenko V. V., Velikorechin A. S.
4 long-term outcomes of patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases analysis
Gorchakov S. V., Pravosudov I. V., Vasilev S. V., Oleinik V. V., Onoshko M. V., Popov D. E., Golubev K. V., Zhukov O. A.
5 Ulcer colitis and Crohns disease. Current state of a problem of an etiology, early diagnostics and treatment (review of literature)
Glavnov P. V., Lebedeva N. N., Kashchenko V. A., Varzin S. A.
6 Low field intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging guided surgery of supratentorial brain tumors: first single center experience in Russia
Shcherbuk A. Yu., Shcherbuk Yu. A., Tyurin R. V., Eroshenko M. E., Semenov A. V., Zheltukhin A. A., Dovgopolaya K. A.
7 Cardiac arrhythmias in patients with ischemic stroke
Tibekina L. M.
8 The maternal adaptive immune reactions and formation of autism spectrum disorders in a child.
Poletaev A. B., Poletaeva A. A., Pukhalenko A. I., Zamaleeva R. S., Cherepanova N. A., Frizin D. V.
9 The clinical case of recurrent small bowel bleeding from ectopic varices of cirrhotic portal hypertension syndrome genesis
Kashchenko V. A., Beskrovniy E. G., Lodygin A. V., Levchenko M. M., Akhmetov A. D.
10 Leiomyomatosis: difficulties in the diagnosis (clinical case)
Garakhanyan A. A., Kukol L. V., Rudikov V. B.
11 Clinical and economic evaluation of ledibon (tibolone) therapy of women in postmenopause with climacteric syndrome
Merzakhmedova M. K., Burykin I. M., Khafizyanova R. Kh.
12 Peculiarities of lipid metabolism disorders in patients with lichen planus of the oral mucosa
Surdina . D., Kruchina-Bogdanov I. V., Silin A. V., Malachova . Ya., Rodionov G. G., Kaspina A. I.
13 Occult B hepatatis in the light of transfusion infectious safety and antiretroviral therapy
Uliukin I. M., Orlova E. S., Bulankov Yu. I.
14 Medical assistance to the foreign citizens: the italian experience
Mobilia F., Genovese U., Akulin I., Mobilia A., Chesnokova E.
15 GIS-technologies for substantiation of regional systems for the treatment of medical waste
Mironenko O. V., Soprun L. A., Lomtev A. Yu., Pankin A. V.
16 Evaluation of urban anthropotechnogenic pollution of Sakhalin region
Alikbaeva L. A., Kim A. V., Samarsky S. S., Im En Ok