Vestniks of Saint Petersburg University

The editorial staff invites collaboration with Russian and foreign authors, research centres and publishers to provide the journal with high-quality, balanced results from various schools of research, with the preparation of reviews and dissertation research as well as with an effective referee and review system that involves establishment of special thematic departments and regional editorial representatives, improvement of editorial effectiveness and publication of materials.
The editors give special support to young scholars engaged in research and participating in the realisation of Vestnik’s projects for the Russian-language transformation of classic and contemporary foreign research through collection, translation and preparation for publication. This also includes, among other things, their engagement with foreign research centres, training and internship.

Manager of Periodicals Tatiana Selivanova
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Telephone/fax: +7 812 328 44 22

St. Petersburg University Press
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Director of the St. Petersburg State University Press: Elena V. Lebedkina

Dear Authors:
We strongly advise you to direct submissions to the editorial board of the particular series of Vestink in which you would like to publish. Contact information for the editorial boards is located on the page of each individual series.